Tasting Etiquette

Here’s an article by Esther Mobley, entitles “An Etiquette Guide to Wine Tasting in California” in the The Press that is timely for the tourist season in wine country.  Many of these guidelines are handy for all of the local events and wineries, distilleries and breweries here in Maryland and surrounding regions.

A few other considerations would have one be conscious of scents- perfumes, colognes, hair products- as these have the likelihood of masking the aroma and flavors of the product being tasting/evaluated for the individual and very much for the people standing near them.  Another consideration would be the use of lip gloss and lip sticks.  Besides again potentially masking the flavors for the taster, it can be a challenge to clean the glassware afterwords.

Its fun to taste new things, and these tips will help everyone to have a good time!