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Wine of the Week

Château Citran 2009 Haut-Médoc

$39.99 / 750ml 

Wine writers, often accused of flamboyance, declared 2009 to be the vintage of decade, maybe even the vintage of the century. Of course there were some raised eyebrows when this was one of three vintages of the century in the first decade of the 2000s. Even I have to lay my notorious cynicism aside, because it doesn’t change the fact that 2009 was a great vintage for red Bordeaux.

I recall drinking $10 bottles in 2010 and 2011 from the vintage that were just outstanding, but alas, wine is a finite thing. One can only get so much fruit from one harvest so 2009s have been fewer and farther apart often costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when they could be found.

Thankfully, modestly priced wines from less well known names have been held back at the wineries for periodic library releases. When I saw Chateau Citran 2009 available that I could sell for less than $50 a bottle, I immediately had them send us five cases.

The wine is a roughly 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Bordeaux’s left bank, specifically the Haut-Médoc, and is a testament to the old English idea of not touching red Bordeaux until ten years after the vintage. The obvious fruit flavors are smoothing out into the more savory edges that Bordeaux takes as it ages, but with the red fruits and tannin that still remain indicate to me that this wine still has years to go ahead of it.

-Joe Buchter, Import Wine Buyer


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Updates to Policy & Services

Covid-19 is obviously a matter of concern for each and every one of us. We at State Line Liquors want to keep you aware of the steps that we are taking to ensure a safer shopping experience for you and a safer environment for our employees.

We have taken steps to increase the amount of times per day that we are sanitizing common surfaces, shopping carts, and door knobs / handles. Our employees are encouraged to take increased opportunity to wash their hands throughout the day and be cognizant of how to improve sanitary conditions.

We are referring to, and encouraging adherence of, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus or any other illness. Those guidelines can be found on their website here:

We plan to stock all of your favorite products, but it is possible that there will be logistical interruptions in the supply of some of these items. If this occurs then we would certainly be happy to work with you and to help you find a suitable alternative as needed.

We’ll be happy to accommodate any of our customers who would prefer, or need, to isolate themselves by offering curbside pickup. Call in with your name and phone number, a credit card number, and we’ll bring out your order and receipt to your car as staffing and inventory allows. Please have your ID handy.


Hours of operation are subject to change at anytime with short notice.

Though this new situation is certainly concerning, we’re approaching it with rational caution. Any changes to normal operation or existing events will be posted in the store, on our website, and will also come to you via email.

Thank you for all of your patronage and support.

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The $5 Growler is back!

Check out the Growler Board for some $5 Growlers. That’s right, the $5 Growler (the 64oz size) fills are back! So as long as we can fill those taps with quality beer, we’re going to keep them flowing. Thanks for visiting!

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State Line Liquors Rated #3 Bottle Shop in the WORLD!

Max's Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Max’s Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Feb. 17, 2015 –By Steve Fogelman, City Paper. “Last month, just two establishments in Maryland were honored as “Top Places to Have a Beer in the World” by the crowd-sourced annual survey. Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore and State Line Liquors in Elkton made the cut, which makes sense, as both are hallowed Free State beer grounds for aficionados. I caught up with the owners of both businesses by phone while they were coincidentally on separate and simultaneous vacations in Florida earlier this month. The traits these businesses share, such as family and dedication to the craft scene, are the underpinnings of their success… READ the FULL ARTICLE at:

(Baltimore) City Paper, News, Arts, Culture, Events, Marketplace

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Check out our Growler Board for 35 taps of delicious beer offerings for samples, growlers, and crowlers.

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Beer Events

Looking to try something new? Check out one of our many beer events! We host tastings from free samplings to tap takeovers. Click here for our schedule of upcoming events.

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New Arrivals/Features/Specials/Events

Maker’s Mark Single Barrel Stave Select $69.99

This was one of the most interesting bourbon selections we have ever done, as we picked ten staves from four different flavors to finish a barrel of Maker’s Mark Cask Strength in. It was aged eleven weeks with the staves before bottling and we are very pleased with the results, a truly unique bourbon bottled at 111.3 proof with no water added. This is quite different from a normal wheated bourbon with a nice sweet caramel flavor up front with spicy char notes on the finish.

The Presidential Dram

Bourbon Barrel Pick

Mashbill – 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley
Bottled at cask strength 113.16 proof Non-Chill Filtered

$49.99 / 750ml

We jumped at the opportunity to pick a barrel from Proof & Wood, a name which may not mean much to some of you. They bottle a line of bourbons called the DC Collection (The Senator, The Ambassador, The Justice, Etc.) that are sourced from MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana; the distiller for many iconic brands.

This barrel was distilled on May 13th, 2015 and bottled in late January of this year, making it nearly five years in barrel.

The initial flavor is caramel and graham cracker that evolves into tobacco, cinnamon and nutmeg; with a pleasant balanced finish. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Kilchoman Slightly Peated Sherry Single Hogshead $134.99

Kilchoman Slightly Peated Bourbon Single Hogshead $134.99

These two casks were selected by the iconic Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C., a stop that should be on every whisk(e)y drinkers list. They were kind enough to allow us to buy some for our customers and we are thrilled to offer them, as Kilchoman is our favorite farm to bottle Islay distillery!