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Wine Tastings...

Wine and Cheese Samples

Fridays, 3-6pm

Wine Samplings Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Join us as we’ll be sampling 2 – 3 wines in our wine cave.  Just ask us when you come into the store!

Wine 301: Intro to Sherry

7 – 9pm Wednesday, May 22nd

$25 / Person – Pre-Paid Tickets 1-800-446-9463

12 Person Limit

In the rolling hills of Andalusia one finds Jerez de la Frontera, home to one of the most unique wine styles in the world: Sherry. Sherry is generally made with a fractional blending technique and relies heavily on the unique biologic life of each bodega, or winery.

The flavors produced in these wines are unlike those found in typical table wines, but are still wholly worth our attention. This is a small group tasting for a curious mind and an adventurous palate.

Tentative Tasting List:
La Cigarrera Manzanilla – Dry Style
Cesar Florido Fino – Dry Style
Bodegas Grant Fino – Dry Style
Bodegas Grant Amontillado – Dry Style
El Maestro Sierra Oloroso – Dry Style
Valdespino Palo Cortado – Dry Style
Cesar Florido Moscatel – Sweet Style
Leyenda Pedro Ximenez – Sweet Style

Sake and Namazake Style Sake Tasting:  with Special Guest Monica Samuels, Certified Sake Specialist

Thursday, May 30  7-9pm  Pre-Paid Limited Seating Only

 $20 Per Person – Call 1-800-446-9463 

Monica is returning once more to feature both saké new to Maryland and the seasonal style of Namazake. Namazake is unpasteurized, kept refrigerated through all parts of transit, and is only available to us once a year. Join us for this unique opportunity to taste some very limited saké.

Tasting List:

Taka “Noble Arrow” Tokubetsu Junmai

Kawatsuru “Crane of Paradise” Junmai

Toko “Sun Rise” Junmai Ginjo

Ama no to Namazake

Fukucho Moon on the water pasteurized

Fukucho Namazake

Rihaku Wandering Poet

Rihaku Namazake

Beer Tastings...

May Brewery of the Month!

All packages are on sale

$2 off all packs

Growler features

Tap Social: Port City Brewing

Thursday, May 23rd, 4:30-6:30pm $5

Brewery Spotlight: Flying Dog Brewing

Friday, May 24th 3-6pm

Free samples at the front of the store and all Flying Dog beers will be on sale.

Brewery Spotlight: Brooklyn

Saturday, May 25th 1-4pm

Free samples at the front of the store and all Brooklyn beers will be on sale.

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Liquor Tastings...

Spotlight Spirits Samplings

Cozy up to the wine bar in our tasting room and try some samples, usually being poured by someone from the distillery.  Its a chance for you to try before you buy, hear the story, learn about how it is made.

Friday, May 17  3-6pm  Spotlight on Infused Spirits 

Friday, May 24  3-6pm   Spotlight on Stillhouse Whiskies

Friday, May 31 3-6  Spotlight on Bombay Gin

Tickets are Now on Sale for These Events- 

Cigars and Single Malts- at Spartan Cigar Lounge, Elkton, MD

Call 443-350-9808 for tickets! Limited!

Scotch Whisky Tasting

Special Guest- Ed Kohl, Founder, Quest Brands and Keeper of the Quaich

Wednesday, June 26, 7-9pm Limited Seating!

Pre-Paid Seats Only- $20 Call 1-800-446-9463

Ed is back, with some old favorites and some newer additions! Join us as Ed takes us through the lineup, while teaching us about how best to taste a whisky, how they are made, and information about the distilleries!

  1. Spey Trutina, Speyside
  2. Spey Tenne, Speyside
  3.   Spey 18 year, Speyside
  4.  Beinn Dubh, Speyside
  5.   Spey Fumare, Speyside
  6.   Six Isles, Island Vatted Malt
  7.   Smokehead, Original
  8.   Smokehead, High Voltage
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Wine News...



Different Tasting Formats for Different Occasions

We love wine tastings. What better opportunity to sample different wines with all of our favorite people (that’s you guys). As we schedule our tastings we’ll send the information out in our biweekly email and update our website so that you know what is going on. We aim to suit different needs for different occasions, both formal and casual, so read below to learn more. 

Wine Samplings: Every Friday 3-6pm at the Cheese Department

Cost: Free!

Join us as we have at least 2 wines paired with 2 cheeses to sample!  


The Friday Night Casual Tasting: Various Fridays 7-9pm (No Reservations Required)

Cost: Usually $10 – $15 / Person Depending on the Event

This tasting usually features a particular grape, region, or style. The arrival time is flexible and you’re welcome to casually taste through the wines at your own pace, and these events are done in a stand-up format. You are also welcome to ask as many, or as few, questions as you please. This tasting is about enjoying wine, maybe learning a little, and having a good time.


The Seminar Style Tasting: Dates Vary, Typically 7-9pm (Reservations Required, 30 – 45 person limit depending on the event)

Cost: Usually $10 – $30 / Person Depending on the Event

Tasting wine isn’t just fun, it’s educational! These seated tastings usually feature a winemaker, an importer, or some one with particular knowledge on the subject at hand who can lead us through a selection of wines that best illustrates their story.


The Small Group Classroom Tastings: Dates Vary – Can Be Scheduled as a Private Event, Typically 7-8:30 (Reservations Required, 8 – 12 person limit depending on the event)

Cost: Usually $30 / Person Depending on the Event (As an added bonus attendees will receive a 20% discount on any wine they care to buy the evening of the event.)

Recurring Tastings: These seated tastings use the same wines each time (unless otherwise noted) because of the small group format.   

Wine 101: The Elements of Wine

We taste through eight wines blind (four flights of wine, two wines per flight) to better understand the role of acid, oak, and tannin in red and white wine. We discuss wine vocabulary & terms, misconceptions, impressions, and anything else that comes to mind.

Wine 201: Get to Know a Region / Grape

Taste through a selection of wines (6 – 9 depending on the theme) to better understand a particular wine-making region or grape. 


Beer News...

The $5 Growler is back!

Check out the first 5 taps on the Growler Board…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, the $5 Growler (the 64oz size) fills are back! So as long as we can fill those taps with quality beer, we’re going to keep them flowing. Thanks for visiting!

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State Line Liquors Rated #3 Bottle Shop in the WORLD!

Max's Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Max’s Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Feb. 17, 2015 –By Steve Fogelman, City Paper. “Last month, just two establishments in Maryland were honored as “Top Places to Have a Beer in the World” by the crowd-sourced annual survey. Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore and State Line Liquors in Elkton made the cut, which makes sense, as both are hallowed Free State beer grounds for aficionados. I caught up with the owners of both businesses by phone while they were coincidentally on separate and simultaneous vacations in Florida earlier this month. The traits these businesses share, such as family and dedication to the craft scene, are the underpinnings of their success… READ the FULL ARTICLE at:

(Baltimore) City Paper, News, Arts, Culture, Events, Marketplace

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The $5 – 64oz Growler Fill is back! Check the Board for current selection(s).

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What is a “Tap Social?”

Well, a Tap Social is similar to a “Rep Tasting”… a casual get-together for sampling beers from a single brewery and are generally held on Friday afternoons from 5pm to 7pm.  Most of the time we charge a nominal fee to “participate” in this 2 hour social. For that fee, you usually get a free glass along with unlimited sampling! The beers are generously discounted and often the reps will have giveaways on top of it!

Check out our upcoming Tap Socials in the Event Schedule below or click for our complete schedule!

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