Smooth Ambler Old Scout

John Little founded Smooth Ambler some number of years ago to provide employment opportunities for his fellow West Virginians. They didn’t just set out to make award winning whiskey. They also set out to create a source of pride for West Virginians everywhere.

To embrace the best of everything around them – the land, the people, and the resources – to create a business that would make a difference by providing opportunities for the people in their community.

Not too long ago we tasted through a selection of Smooth Ambler Old Scout barrels to purchase one for the store. We landed on a single barrel of this whiskey finished in West Virginia, sourced from MGP in Indiana, that is aged for six years.

At 56%ABV it has a nice spicy rye component and offers exceptional value in the single barrel bourbon category, really opening up after the addition of a little water. A good option for fans of bourbons with a higher rye content as the mash bill is roughly 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% malt.

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