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Brooklyn Kura Saké Arrival Sale

Brooklyn Kura “Number 14” Junmai Ginjo Namazake

Brooklyn Kura Blue Door Junmai Namazake

On Sale @ $31.99, now thru Sunday, May 13th
Normally $39.99

Brooklyn Kura, open since 2018, is part of a modern movement of American saké brewing that uses domestically produced rice and local water supplies. As a saké enthusiast I’m pleased to say that these products have finally made their way south and are now available for sale in the great state of Maryland.

Both of these saké are namazake, or unpasteurized, which means that they should be stored cold and served that way as well – though it is certainly fun to taste the differences in flavor as they warm up.

Number Fourteen is a Junmai Ginjo Namazake, meaning that the rice was polished to at least 60% of its original weight and nothing is added to the saké during production. It is a bright, fruity style of nama.

Blue Door is an earthier Junmai Namazake. Leaving more of the rice unpolished before brewing permits more of the proteins in the grain to influence the flavor. And as a Junmai saké, there are no preservatives, flavors, or extra alcohol added to the product.

These can be found in the refrigerator next to our saké section amongst the other unpasteurized saké that we stock. Intro sale pricing is good through Sunday, May 13th.

-Joe Buchter, Saké Buyer

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