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beer-glassWELCOME to the State Line Liquors Beer Department! Throughout this website you’ll find links to Regional Beers, Beer Styles, Seasonal Beers, Growlers, Kegs and NEW Beers in the menu above but it’s HERE you’ll see what’s NEW in our Beer world.

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The $5 Growler is back!

Check out the first 5 taps on the Growler Board…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, the $5 Growler (the 64oz size) fills are back! So as long as we can fill those taps with quality beer, we’re going to keep them flowing. Thanks for visiting!

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State Line Liquors Rated #3 Bottle Shop in the WORLD!

Max's Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Max’s Taphouse (J.M. Giordano / February 14, 2015)

Feb. 17, 2015 –By Steve Fogelman, City Paper. “Last month, just two establishments in Maryland were honored as “Top Places to Have a Beer in the World” by the crowd-sourced RateBeer.com annual survey. Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore and State Line Liquors in Elkton made the cut, which makes sense, as both are hallowed Free State beer grounds for aficionados. I caught up with the owners of both businesses by phone while they were coincidentally on separate and simultaneous vacations in Florida earlier this month. The traits these businesses share, such as family and dedication to the craft scene, are the underpinnings of their success… READ the FULL ARTICLE at:

(Baltimore) City Paper, News, Arts, Culture, Events, Marketplace

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The $5 – 64oz Growler Fill is back! Check the Board for current selection(s).

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What is a “Tap Social?”

Well, a Tap Social is similar to a “Rep Tasting”… a casual get-together for sampling beers from a single brewery and are generally held on Friday afternoons from 5pm to 7pm.  Most of the time we charge a nominal fee to “participate” in this 2 hour social. For that fee, you usually get a free glass along with unlimited sampling! The beers are generously discounted and often the reps will have giveaways on top of it!

Check out our upcoming Tap Socials in the Event Schedule below or click for our complete schedule!


Our Beer Tastings & other good stuff:

Tap Socials: Usually on Thursday and Friday, 4-6pm (sometimes 7pm) but check schedule to confirm as times may change. For $5, unlimited sampling of a featured brewery.

You get a brewery glass, unlimited sampling, sometimes there’s brewery swag & discussion w/ the rep, brewer.

Beer Samplings: These tastings are sometimes on Fridays and always on Saturdays, usually all day and may be draft and/ or bottles.

We charge 1 penny (because we aren’t allowed to give away alcoholic beverages) and the samples are limited to a decent tasting.

Sometimes there’s a rep & sometimes they bring free swag.

Tap Takeovers: Usually take place on Thursday and/or Saturday nights, 7-9pm or so. We’ll tap anywhere from 15 to 35 + beers!

The draft selection may be all one brewery, several from a region or we may do a themed selection (like Christmas Beers).

Sometimes there’s food (pizza, brats, etc), snacks (pretzels, chips, cheese, etc), brewery swag, brewers, reps, drawings, silent auction tables………

We charge a little bit more these tastings, maybe $10 to $20 but it’s a great deal and lots of fun!

Sit-Down Beer Tastings: Limited, reservation required tastings


State Line Beer Festival

Saturday, April 7th

Details coming soon!

Brewery Bus Trip

Saturday, January 27th 11am -11pm 

Tap Social: 

Friday, December 29th 4-6pm 

Tap Social: 

Thursday, December 28th 4-7pm 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, December 27th 4pm

Tap Samplings: Christmas Beers

Thursday thru Sunday


What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, December 20th 4pm

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: 

Saturday, Sunday all day 


Tap Social: 3rd Wave Brewing

Friday, December 15th 3rd 4-7pm 

Tap Social: Stone Brewing

Thursday, December 14th 4-7pm 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, December 13th 4pm

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: 

Saturday, Sunday all day

Bourbonfest: Bourbons & Bourbon Beers

Saturday, December 9th, 6-8

Tap Social: Blue Earl

Friday, December 8th 4-7pm 

Tap Takeover: Lagunitas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, December 7t 7-9:30pm 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, December 6th  4pm 

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: 

Saturday, Sunday all day 

Tasting: Christmas Beer #2, Toys for Tots Benefit

Saturday, December 2nd,  7-9pm 

Tap Social: Evil Genius Brewing

Friday, December 1st 4-6pm 

Tap Social: RAR Brewery

Thursday, November 30th 4-7pm 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, November 29th 4pm

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: 

Saturday, Sunday all day 

Tasting: Christmas Beer #1

Saturday, November 25th,  7-9pm

Beers of Belgium Sale

Friday, November 24th thru Sunday, December 3rd

All single bottles 20% off, all packs/ pack cases 10% off

Tap Social: 

Friday, November 24th 4-7pm 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 23rd 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, November 22nd  4pm 

Weekend Tap Sampling, Growler Specials: Weyerbacher Dallas Sucks! 

Saturday, Sunday all day

Tap Social: Starr Hill Brewing

Friday, November 17th 4-7pm 

Tap Social: Troegs

Thursday, November 16th 4-7pm 

What a Beer Wednesday

Wednesday, November 15th 4pm