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State Line’s Selected Single Barrels:

State Line’s Four Rose’s OBSQ Barrel   $69.99  750ml

Four Rose’s OBSQ mashbill is 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley; creating a bourbon that is spicy and rich in flavour. The Q yeast strain used in the primary fermentation adds a floral component. This single barrel is bottled at a barrel proof 116.6 and like most whiskeys will benefit from a splash of water or ice. We bought this and the following barrel at the same time because we could not pick which was the best. We have both open some come in, ask to sample and you decide!

State Line’s Four Rose’s OESQ Barrel   $69.99  750ml

The OESQ mashbill has a rye content of 20%, the lowest of Four Rose’s bourbons, along with 75% corn and 5% malted barley. This produces a soft, creamy, and floral flavor that has a sweetness on the palate that has been mellowed by 9 years aging. The yeast strain Q adds a floral component to the aroma of this single barrel bottling that is at a cask strength of 117.2 proof. Most will find the addition of a little water will enhance the flavors of this bourbon and will allow you to balance it to where you like to drink it.