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Events & Tastings

Welcome to "Tastings & Events"! You'll find our current schedule of Wine, Beer, Liquor Tastings & other events ALL IN ONE SPOT! As details become available we will provide "More Info" links.

* Tasting & Event Hours *

Most tastings are scheduled with a beginning & ending time and usually last two hours. We hope this length of time is sufficient so that everyone can enjoy the complete tasting lineup. Cheers!

Tasting lists are subject to change; most of the time for the much better!

Wine Tastings...

Wine Samplings every Friday, 3-6pm

Join us as we have 2 (sometimes more) wines paired with cheeses to sample!  

Wine 201: The Basics of French Wine
7 – 9pm Wednesday, July 25th
8 – 12 Person Limit – $25 / Person
Call Now to Reserve Your Seat (800) 446-9463

Are you schooled in the Elements of Wine? Maybe it’s time to graduate to Wine 201: The Basics of French Wine. In this small group tasting we’ll taste ten wines and explore six wine producing regions to help gain a sense of French wine tradition.

Current Tasting List:

Bernard Fouquet Vouvray Silex
Domaine Joulin Saumur-Champigny
Vincent Girardin Cuvee Saint Vincent Bourgogne Blanc
Thierry & Pascale Matrot Bourgogne Rouge
Domaine Weinbach Riesling Reserve Personnelle
Benoit Mulin Savagnin
Michel Gahier Trousseau
Domaine le Sang des Cailloux Vacqueryas
Domaine Faury Saint-Joseph Rouge
Chateau Micalet Haut-Medoc

As always, attendees are welcome to a 20% discount on wine purchases the night of the event.

 Wine Tasting:  Chile and Argentina

Saturday, August 4   7-9pm

Details to Follow!

Sunset Wine Tasting Cruise:  Chesapeake City Water Tours 

Sunday, August 12th  4:30- 6:00pm     $45 Per Person     

Join us for this fun adventure as we cruise through the C & D Canal with Captain DJ aboard the Chase N Dreams!  We will have  at least 6 different wines, including a sparkling, a rose, something big and bold, something soft and fruity, something new and unique, and something sweet!  Try a little of each, or stick with a favorite!

Next Date:   September 9th


Wine Tasting:  Burgess Cellars, Napa

Special Guest Steve Burgess

 Wednesday, August 22nd,  7-9pm
 Details to Follow!  

Wine Tasting:  Boordy Vineyards, Maryland

Special Guest Rob Deford

Thursday, August 30   7-9pm
Details to Follow!
Beer Tastings...

Our Beer Tastings & other good stuff:

Tap Socials: Usually on Thursday and Friday, 4:30-6:30pm but check schedule to confirm as times may change. For $5, unlimited sampling of a featured brewery, get a brewery glass, and  sometimes there’s brewery swag & discussion w/ the rep, brewer.

Beer Samplings: These tastings are sometimes on Fridays and always on Saturdays, usually all day and may be draft and/ or bottles.

We charge 1 penny (because we aren’t allowed to give away alcoholic beverages) and the samples are limited to a decent tasting.

Sometimes there’s a rep & sometimes they bring free swag.

Tap Takeovers: Usually take place on Thursday and/or Saturday nights, 7-9pm or so. We’ll tap anywhere from 15 to 35 + beers!

The draft selection may be all one brewery, several from a region or we may do a themed selection (like Christmas Beers).

Sometimes there’s food (pizza, brats, etc), snacks (pretzels, chips, cheese, etc), brewery swag, brewers, reps, drawings, silent auction tables………

We charge a little bit more these tastings, maybe $10 to $20 but it’s a great deal and lots of fun!

Sit-Down Beer Tastings: Limited seating, reservation required tasting 


Tap Social: Summer Quenchers

Thursday, July 5th, 4:30-6:30pm

Tap Social: Summer Quenchers, part 3

Friday, July 6th  4:30-6:30pm

Tap Social: Allagash Tap Social

Thursday, July 12th, 4:30-6:30pm

Tap Social: Neshaminy Creek Brewery Launch Party

Friday, July 13th  4:30-6:30pm

Brewery Focus: Monument Brewery

Saturday, July 14th  time TBA


Tap Social: 

Thursday, July 19th, 4:30-6:30pm 

Tap Social: 

Friday, July 20th  4:30-6:30pm

Sunset Beer Cruise: Beer tasting on the C & D Canal

Friday, July 20th   7-8:30pm                

Tap Social: 


Tap Social: 


National IPA Day

Friday, August 3rd

Special Event & Tap Takeover: The Wayno Memorial Golf and IPA Event

Friday, August 3rd

Golf Tournament @ Newark CC, Tasting & Dinner @ SLL

Details to follow soon. 

Special Event: Cigar City Brewery with Brewmaster Wayne Wambles

Thursday, August 16th

Sunset Beer Cruise: Beer tasting on the C & D Canal

Friday, August 17th   6:30-8pm                 Info posting soon 

Sunset Beer Cruise: Beer tasting on the C & D Canal

Friday, September 14th   6-7:30pm                 Info posting soon






Liquor Tastings...



Rum Tasting:  Walk Around Format

Friday, July 20   7-9pm     Call to reserve your spot!   1-800-446-9463!   

$20 Per Person-   Small Bites Provided by The Blue Crab Grill!

Rum is made from sugar cane, and spans the gamut from clear, almost vodka like to rich and full of character.   The lighter styles are typically used for mixed drinks, while the aged  varieties are quite special to sip neat.  We’ll take a tour of the islands and also have some from the states.  Click here to see what Difford’s Guide has to say about rums.

Tentative List:

Diplomatico Mantuano- Venezuela

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

Diplomatico Batch #1 Kettle

Diplomatico Batch #2 Barbet

Leblon Cachaca – Brazil

Barbancourt 4 yr -Haiti

Havana Club Anejo- Puerto Rico

Pyrat XO Reserve- BVI

Appleton Estate 12 yr -Jamaica

Bacardi 10 yr – Puerto Rico

Amrut Two Indies

Hamilton Gold – Jamaica

Hamilton Black – Jamaica

The Scarlet Ibis – Trinidad

Ron Abuelo 12 yr -Panama

El Dorado 8 yr – Guyana

El Dorado 15 yr -Guyana

Bounty Dark Rum -Saint Lucia

Bounty Dark Spiced Rum – Saint Lucia

Ron Centenario Foundacion Solero 20 Yr – Costa Rico

Foursquare 2004- Barbados

Foursquare Zinfandel Cask

Malecon Reserva Superior 12 yr – Panama

Plantation Trinidad 15 yr  Single Cask

Brinley Coconut – St. Kitts

Brinley Mango – St. Kitts

Kirk & Sweeney 12 yr – Dominican Republic

Kirk & Sweeney 18 yr – Dominican Republic

Old Line Aged Caribbean – Dominican Republic

Oln Man Guavaberry 5yr- Sint Maarten

Single Malt Scotch Tasting: Jared Card, ImPex Beverage

Wednesday, August 1   7-9pm

Stay tuned for the details!