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Events & Tastings

Welcome to "Tastings & Events"! You'll find our current schedule of Wine, Beer, Liquor Tastings & other events ALL IN ONE SPOT! As details become available we will provide "More Info" links.

* Tasting & Event Hours *

Most tastings are scheduled with a beginning & ending time and usually last two hours. We hope this length of time is sufficient so that everyone can enjoy the complete tasting lineup. Cheers!

Tasting lists are subject to change; most of the time for the much better!

Wine Tastings...

Wine Samplings every Friday, 3-6pm

Join us as we have 2 (sometimes more) wines paired with cheeses to sample!  


Wine Tasting: Le Cadeau, with Founder Tom Mortimer

Thursday, October 17 7-9pm Seated

$20 Pre Paid Seats Only Call 1-800-446-9463


  • Le Cadeau Sparkling
  • Jolete Pinot Gris
  • Le Cadeau Estate Chardonnay
  • Jolete Pinot Noir
  • Le Cadeau Cote Est 2017
  • Le Cadeau Trajet 2016
  • Le Cadeau Rocheux 2016
  • Le Cadeau Diversite 2017
  • Le Cadeau Merci 2015
  • Jolete Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Tasting: Haus Alpenz Wines with Jake Parrott, Importer/National Sales

Friday, October 25th 7-9pm Seated – Pre-Paid Only

Call 1-800-446-9463 to make your reservation. $15

Join us for another tasting with Jake as we sample a selection of wines that will astound and amaze you with their wild depth of flavors. We’ll be trying four lesser known, but traditional styles of wine from Europe.

Tentative Tasting List:

Mas Peyre Le Demon de Midi Rancio Sec
Dom Jorel “La Garrigue” 2003 Rancio Sec
Henriques & Henriques 10 Year Old Sercial Madeira
Henriques & Henriques 20 Year Old Terrantez Madeira
Dom. du Mas Blanc 1992 Banyuls
Dom. du Mas Blanc 1982 Banyuls
Quinta dos Pesos 1991 Carcavelos
Quinta dos Pesos 1989 Carcavelos

Wine Tasting: Zinfandel

Saturday, November 9, 7-9pm No Reservations Necessary!

Details to Follow!

Wine Tasting: Sparkling Wines

Saturday, December 7th 2-4pm No Reservations Necessary!

Details to Follow!

Wine Tasting: Burgundy

Special Guest: Patrick Harney

Wednesday, December 11, 7-9pm Seated Details to Follow!

Beer Tastings...

Our Beer Tastings & other good stuff:

Tap Socials: Usually on Thursday and sometimes on Friday, 4:30-6:30pm but check schedule to confirm as times may change. For $5, unlimited sampling of a featured brewery, get a brewery glass, and  sometimes there’s brewery swag & discussion w/ the rep, brewer.

Super Tap Socials: Usually on Saturday, 4:30-6:30pm but check schedule to confirm as day, times may change. Unlimited sampling of a featured brewery, get a brewery glass, and  sometimes there’s brewery swag & discussion w/ the rep, brewer.

Brewery Spotlights: These tastings are usually on Fridays and Saturdays, in the afternoon, and may be draft and/ or bottles. We charge 1 penny (because we aren’t allowed to give away alcoholic beverages) and the samples are limited to a decent tasting. Most of the time there’s a rep & sometimes they bring free swag.

Tap Takeovers: Usually take place on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights, 7-9pm or so. We’ll tap anywhere from 15 to 35 + beers!  Tasting fee varies. The draft selection may be all one brewery, several from a region or we may do a themed selection (like Christmas Beers). Sometimes there’s food (pizza, brats, etc), snacks (pretzels, chips, cheese, etc), brewery swag, brewers, reps, drawings, silent auction tables. We charge a little bit more these tastings, maybe $10 to $20 but it’s a great deal and lots of fun!

Sit-Down Beer Tastings: Limited seating, reservation required tasting.



Liquor Tastings...

Spotlight Samples Sessions

Cozy up to the wine bar in our tasting room and try some samples, usually being poured by someone from the distillery.  Its a chance for you to try before you buy, hear the story, learn about how it is made.

Thursday, Oct 24  5-7pm    Ardbeg Bus Tour plus Samples    

Scotch Tasting: Chieftains

Special Guest: Ed Kohl, Quest Beverage

Saturday, October 26th Seated $15 Pre-Paid Tickets Only

Call 1-800-446-9463 to Reserve your Spot!

Ed returns with the latest shipment of Chieftains! These are all single cask, very limited edition expressions from various regions and distilleries in Scotland. Ed will take us through the process of making Scotch and present information for each of the distilleries and these bottlings. Sure to be a real treat!


  • Teaninich 20 yr
  • Caol Ila 14 yr
  • Strathisla 10 yr
  • Glendullan 20 yr
  • Braeval 23 yr
  • and Three more!

Scotch Tasting: Springbank

Thursday, November 7 7-9pm Seated Details to Follow!

Single Malt Tasting: Penderyn (Wales)

Friday, November 15 7-9pm Seated Details to Follow!