Honkaku Spirits Shochu Tasting

Featuring Founder Christopher Pellegrini

6:30 to 8:30pm – Saturday, May 13th

$15 / Person – Reservations Req.

Shochu you say? Yes, shochu I say. For those wondering, shochu is a traditional Japanese spirit that when distilled in the honkaku style retains a remarkable amount of flavor and aroma from its base material. Anything from barley, rice, sugar, sweet potato, and a few other oddball ingredients can be used to make this fascinating spirit that clocks in between 20% and 40% abv (generally).

For the second year in a row we’ll be welcoming Honkaku Spirits company found Christopher Pellegrini to present a series of Japanese Shochu essentially unknown to the United States only a few years ago. He’ll guide us through the process, food pairings, and serving styles of this artisanal spirit.

Mugi Hokka – 100% Barley Shochu
Jikuya Black – Sweet Potato Shochu, Black Koji
Jikuya White – Sweet Potato Shochu, White Koji
Goro Satsuma – Sweet Potato Shochu
Selephant – Amami Island Kokuto Sugar Shochu
Kana – Amami Island Kokuto Sugar Shochu
Colorful – Sweet Potato Shochu
Takamine 8 Year Old Whiskey
…and a bonus item!

-Joe Buchter, Honkaku Shochu Buyer

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6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

State Line Liquors