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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND... we're happy to present State Line "Wine Samplers"!  We'll be featuring a new collection of wines (6-Pack or 12-Bottle Case) at a special price as often as we possibly can.

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Italian Reds Wine Sampler

Full Retail - $119.44

Sale Price - $94.99 (Over a 20% discount!)

In honor of the finest wine producing country shaped like a boot that I know of, our new wine sampler is a tour of unexpected Italian reds. You know Chianti, you know Barolo, you know Amarone, but for this sampler we’ve gathered some lesser known (if undeservedly so) Italian reds.

Piaggia 2008 Il Sasso Carmignano D.O.C.G.

70% sangiovese, 30% blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and merlot.

Carmignano has been making “Super Tuscans” before being super Tuscan was even a thing. Since the the early 18th century Carmignano has been home to red blends made of sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and merlot.

Montesecondo 2011 Toscana Rosso

95% sangiovese, 5% canaiolo

Montesecondo produces their Tuscan red with indigenous yeast and biodynamic farming, the result is a thoroughly novel expression of sangiovese. It only gets more and more interesting as you have it in the glass - until it all disappears that is!

Cantina Nals Magreid “Galea” 2012 Schiava

Schiava, as a grape name, may not exactly roll of the tongue, but the wine it produces is absolutely delicious. Picture flavors in between the cot grape of the Loire valley and pinot noir. It even takes a chill well.

Marco Crivelli 2012 Ruche

In the Barolo country of Italy’s Piedmont Marco Crivelli has been working hard to revive this near extinct varietal (ruche) that plays the fun cousin to the more brooding and serious nebbiolo. The aromatics are all flowers and bright fruit, and the palate isn’t too far off.

Ricci Curbastro 2011 Sebino Rosso

50% cabernet sauvignon 50% merlot

The grapes in this wine come from the Sebino region of Lombardy. Though they may sound familiar, they offer a very unique expression making this currently one of my go to red blends.

Tami 2011 Frappato

Frappato is a curious grape that shows all power and concentration on the nose as a result of its warm Sicilian growing climate, but has a surprising freshness on the palate. Another example of why Sicilian wines are great to try if you haven’t ventured much into Italy.

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