Wine Tastings

Wine Samplings every Friday, 3-6pm

Join us as we have 2 (sometimes more) wines paired with cheeses to sample!   



Wine Tasting:  Jim Cowan, Cowan Cellars

Saturday, March 24, 7-9pm     $15 Per Person-   Pre-Paid Tickets Only


Jim is returning for his third adventure at State Line!  He has built up a following in our store among those who appreciate exceptionally food friendly wines.  Jim makes wines from grapes that are sourced through growers who have a long standing personal relationship with Jim.  The lots of each wine are very small, with a total production of less than 3500 cases.  



Tentative Selections

  1. Fiano 2014
  2. Ribolla Gialla 2016
  3. Bel 2013
  4. Sauvignon Blanc 2014
  5. Bel 2013
  6. Jack’s Rose
  7. Isa 2011
  8. Ribolla Gialla 2012 (Extended Skin Contact)
  9. Syrah 2015


Wine 201: Intro to Sherry

Wednesday, March 28, 7-9pm  

8 – 12 Person Limit 

$25 Per Person – Reservations Required (800) 446-9463

Sherry is a wildly underrated beverage with a history beyond the Cream stuff that grandma drinks. Through 9 wines you’ll taste styles that span the range from dry, bright, and lively to deep and savory to luxuriously sweet. Learn about the flavors and wines unique to the region of Jerez and why Sherry is seeing a resurgence in some of America’s finest restaurants.

This is certainly a small group tasting for a curious mind and an adventurous palate.

Wine Tasting:  Glou-Glou Wines, Importer of Highly Drinkable Wines

Special Guest Jeffrey Snow, Founder

Friday April 13, 7-9pm     Seated Event

Save the Date!  Details to Be Posted Soon!

Jeff, on his website, says it best:

“Glou-Glou (pronounced glue-glue) is a french term which implies that a wine could be chugged. It does not promote excess drinking, rather it tends to happen naturally based on a certain taste profile. We already know of this concept with our favorite beers that we throw back, but wines can and do fit the same level of hyper drinkability.  Glou-Glou is used exclusively in the natural wine world and focuses on freshness, purity and liveliness. This does not mean that wines have to be light bodied. I drink plenty of natural wines with body and weight; however, the common denominator is freshness. The contrary to fresh is heavy and wines of this character are flabby, thick, oaky, super concentrated and hard to drink. We assume that most wines are pure grape juice and healthy, but this is a fallacy that needs to be exposed.

 So many wines are made from unhealthy grapes and are manipulated in the winery. The freshness in glou-glou type wines cannot be obtained with bad grapes and unnecessary intervention. Only healthy grapes with no make-up can produce pure grape juice, which we refer to as glou-glou.”

Wine 101: Elements of Wine

Wednesday, April 18 7-9pm  

8 – 12 Person Limit 

$25 Per Person – Reservations Required (800) 446-946

In this small group tasting we’ll be laying the foundation for better wine understanding as we taste through eight wines blind in flights of two. Each flight is designed to help us better identify the role of acid, tannin, and oak in red and white wine. Through blind tasting and discussion, this course is designed to be accessible to the complete novice while still offering something meaningful to more seasoned wine drinkers.