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The Best Spirits And Cocktails For 2018

Here’s an article recently published in Forbes by Adam Morganstern where he talks with people in the beverage industry, asking them to name their picks for what to drink in 2018.  What will your new favorite turn out to be???  


State Line’s Selected Single Barrels:


Rhum Clement Cask Collection Vieux    $36.99  750ml

This rum hails from the French Caribbean island of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles. The French government oversees the production of Rhum Agricole which is produced from sugar cane juice that is pressed within three days of harvest in the dry season, This produces a dryer style rum with complex grassy and herbal flavors. This is a barrel we selected last winter that was bottled in July and it has just arrived!


State Line’s Four Rose’s OBSQ Barrel   $69.99  750ml

Bottled December 4th, 2017   

The OBSQ mashbill has a rye content of 35%, much higher than most other bourbons, along with 60% corn and 5% malted barley. This produces a rich, spicy flavor that has great length on the palate that has been mellowed by 9 years and 8 months of aging. The yeast strain Q adds a floral component to the aroma of this single barrel bottling that is at a cask strength of 116.6 proof. Most will find the addition of a little water will enhance the flavors of this bourbon and will allow you to balance it to where you like to drink it.


Crown Royal Single Barrel  $54.99  750ml  

This is a Coffey Rye Whiskey from a Coffey still that is among the finest components of Crown Royal and bottled at 103 proof to maintain its richness and body. This is the finest expression of Crown Royal we have ever had in the store!!

Two Barrels From FEW Distillery!

FEW Distillery is based in Evanston, IL, a suburb of Chicago that was once an international headquarters for the temperance movement headed by Francis Elizabeth Willard (FEW).
FEW Spirits is a craft distillery making whiskies and gins from locally grown grains and other ingredients sourced as close to home as possible, including Cascade hops grown in master distiller and owner Paul Hletko’s own backyard.
FEW Rye Whiskey was named Whisky Advocates Craft Whiskey of the Year in 2013 and its Bourbon Whiskey and Barrel Gin were both awarded gold medals by Beverage Testing Institute.

Bourbon Whiskey 60.05 %ABV Batch 15-56   $66.99

Spicy, nutty nose, soft caramel and toffee.  Bright butterscotch, toasty cinnamon, faint bittersweet chocolate, and a lingering, sweetish finish.

Rye Whiskey 60%ABV Batch 15-56   $79.99

Distinctive spicy rye presence on the nose, citrus peel, piney oak, which carry through with significant depth mid palate.  Lingering spicy sweet finish.


New Arrivals:

End of February 2018  (A Partial List)

Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto Liqueur

Lustau White Vermut

JW Kelly Bourbon

Town Branch Bourbon

Shenk’s Sour Mash Whiskey

Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee Whiskey

Spey Single Malt Scotches : “Tenne”, “Fumare” and “Trutina”

Temple Bar Irish Whiskys: Blended Whisky, and 10Yr Single Malt

Dogfish Head : Roasted Peanut Vodka, Barrel Honey Flavored Rum and more of the Sonic Archeology

Suntory Whiskey “Toki”

Nikka: Coffey Vodka, Single Malts “Yoichi” and “Miyagikyo”

Scapa Skiren Single Malt

Douglas Laing’s Old Particular Blair Athol 20Yr


Mid February 2018  (A Partial List)

An Array of Centenario Rums

DryFly Washington State Bourbon  $64.99

Belmont Farms Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey, 100 Proof, $22.99

Fabrizia All Natural Limoncello Liqueur  $15.99

Fabrizia All Natural Blood Orange Liqueur  $15.99

Ole Smoky Tennessee Mountain Made Salty Caramel Whiskey  $21.99

Revel Stoke Root Beer Flavored Whisky  $10.99

Baileys Strawberries and Cream Liqueur  $22.99

Vermouth Del Professore  -Red and White – $25.99






Sampling: Belle Isle Moonshines

Friday, March 23   3-6pm

Scotch Tasting:  Spring Bank/Caden Head

with Dan Searing, Spirits Expert, The Country Vintner

Wednesday, April 11  7-9pm

Details to Follow!

Spirits and Cocktail Tasting:  Baltimore Whiskey Company

Special Guest:  Edan Perrigo, Sales and Bartending

Friday, April 27, 7-9pm    Seated Event

Join us for a spirit tasting, plus learn how to make interesting and unique cocktails from this innovative group!

Save the Date!!

Gin Tasting:  Walk Around Format

Friday May 11   7-9pm

Gin is vodka with Juniper, plus other botanicals.  No two recipes are alike!  Sample over 20 gins, including Genever, London Dry, Barrel-Aged, Old Tom styles.  Click here to see what Difford’s Guide has to say about Gin.

Details to follow!

Rum Tasting:  Walk Around Format

Friday, July 20   7-9pm

Rum is made from sugar cane, and spans the gamut from clear, almost vodka like to rich and full of character.   The lighter styles are typically used for mixed drinks, while the aged  varieties are quite special to sip neat.  We’ll take a tour of the islands and also have some from the states.  Click here to see what Difford’s Guide has to say about rums.

Save the Date!