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Featured Wines

Welcome to Featured Wines

On occasion, we feature either individual wines or a particular winery or event. Read on for current “Wines of the Week” and other Featured Wines!

Wine of the Week: 12 April 2017

Vila Nova 2013 Douro Red Blend  – $14.99 – $9.99 @ Club Card Price

Our last feature was an example of the light, fresh wine produced in the foothills of the Italian alps. As a  contrasting style, this week’s featured wine is from the Douro of Portugal where they make both Port wine and fuller bodied, dry reds.

Vila Nova’s red is all hand harvested and made from a blend of the local grapes Tinta Roriz (30%), Touriga Franca (30%), and Touriga Nacional (40%). After picking the grapes the wine is made and then aged in both stainless steel and 400L French oak barrels.

This is a wine to try if you like drinking Merlot or red wine from France’s Cotes du Rhone. And if the only wine you’ve ever had from Portugal is Port, then it’s certainly in your interest to try one of their everyday table wines.

*Limited availability as we were only able to get nine cases of this wine at this price.

Wine of the Week: 12 April 2017

Erste & Neue 2015 Kalterersee Schiava – $12.99 – $4.99 @ Club Card Price

Erste & Neue is a co-op found in Italy’s Alto Adige that make wines of great value, and compounding that value is some aggressive pricing we’ve been offered on the wines lately (their Pinot Bianco comes to mind). When we were offered this absurdly good deal on their Schiava, I couldn’t not jump on it.

Around lake Kaltern in Alto Adige, Erste & Neue makes a fresh, strawberry scented, dry red wine from the grape Schiava (a.k.a. Trollinger, a.k.a. Vernatsch). Schiava will never have the impact of something like a Napa Cabernet, but what it lacks in impact it makes up for in refreshing goodness.

Served slightly cooler than room temperature, this is a red for any warm day of the season. Get it while we got it, as we only have it at this price for so long.



Wine of the Week: 23 January 2017

Mongeard-Mugneret 2014 Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir – $26.99 ($22.94 @ Mixed Case Discount)

Mongeard-Mugneret makes a Pinot Noir that reminds me why I love Burgundy. Tart cherry and fresh cranberry flavors with just an underlying hint of the oft discussed earthiness found in these wines.

Mongeard makes their Pinot Noir with twice used barrels as to not overwhelm the already brilliant fruit with oak. This wine to me is a great value, especially since I’ve tasted wines twice as expensive that I’ve found half as enjoyable.